Sydney White

This modern retelling of the classic fairytale follows a beautiful college freshman as she pledges her late mother's once dignified sorority. But after discovering that today's sisterhood is not what it used to be, Sydney finds her new home away from home with seven outcasts. With the help of her socially challenged new friends, Sydney will take on the reigning campus queen to attempt to transform the school's misguided social hierarchy. (imdb)

All in all, i really love the movie. Some may say it was kinda traditional but for me i find it so special. I do have a big heart for the underdogs. It was so touching how others value someone who was very simple yet with a very strong personality compared to a very sociable and elite student council president. Even the love angle was like a fairy tale. A simple girl (Sydney White) meeting her prince Charming (Tyler Prince). I loved how they tackle discrimination and how they manage to get through it. Some may not like this movie but my mushy self terribly love this one!

I'll give it a NINE!

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