Newspaper Lola by Wish Ko Lang

I am on tears again.. i must admit I am a cry baby huhu.. I really love watching Wish Ko Lang, but what i hate about the show is its ability to make me cry.. as in with tears and puffy eyes. I am a very emotional lady, I am easily touched by situations specially when it involves persons on their 60s - 70s because they remind me of my lola who already passed away..

Just this evening while I'm surfing the net, i thought of looking for the episodes of Wish Ko Lang that i missed on youtube. I am so lucky to find a lot of episodes but what struck me the most was the "Newspaper Lola".. Imagine at 87 years old, she's still very hard working.. If only I am a millionaire I will help her personally..

Here's the two part episode of Wish Ko Lang: NEWSPAPER LOLA!

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