I seldom watch Channel 23 during weekdays since I usually watch the News on GMA 7 and usually go channel hopping between GMA and ABS-CBN. Just around 30 minutes ago i chanced upon a game show on QTV Ch. 11 and it really caught my attention, the game was so mentally/intellectually challenging . I researched about it through Google and i found this article from Wikipedia:

Identity was a game show, hosted by Penn Jillette and produced by Reveille where contestants can win money by matching 12 strangers one-by-one to phrases about their identities.

The Show Format:

A contestant is introduced to twelve Strangers. After seeing the Strangers, the contestant is presented with a list of 12 Identities (facts including occupations, hobbies, ages, etc.), each of which applies to one, and only one, of the 12 Strangers. Based primarily on visual observation, the contestant chooses an Identity and tries to match it to the correct Stranger. In order to make a decision final, the contestant must "seal the Identity" by pressing their palm down on a provided podium after saying which Stranger matches that Identity. Jillette, sometimes after finding out the Stranger's first name, then asks the Stranger "Is that your Identity?" The Stranger confirms or denies his or her Identity.

The Player has three "help": Mistaken Identity, Tri-dentity and Ask The Experts.

$500,000 was at stake!

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Thanks Joshua! i appreciate it!