PATCH ADAMS... most touching movie i ever watched

Every time i am asked what was the most touching movie that i watched, i only have one answer.. PATCH ADAMS.. it's a story of life, hope and dreams.. i learned that in order to be happy, one must learn how to be selfless. Valuing life is very important. Helping others in any way we can, will make our world a better place. It's also a story of learning when it is time to let go.. let go of your fears and let go of someone you truly loved. I have learned a lot in this movie. Know what was one of my favorite part.. it was when Patch Adams made an old woman's dream come true.. to be in a pool of noodles. The scene was so heart warming and i will never ever forget that scene in my remaining years of existence in this world. Maybe some of you would think that i am exaggerating but that's how i feel.. maybe because i am a very emotional and sentimental person..

For Patch Adams.. I give it a TEN (10) !!!

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