Nanny Diaries

The Nanny Diaries is a comedy about a life at the top as seen from the bottom. The main character as portrayed by Scarlet Johansson was Annie Braddock who just graduated from college and was being pressured by her nurse mother to enter the corporate world. Upon going to the job interview, she was asked a very simple question.. "Who is Annie Braddock?".. she cannot grasp for any answer and realizes that she don't know who she really is, what she really wanted.. It became a turning point for her to assess what she really wanted to be..

I really like this movie simply because anyone can relate to it. I myself has been in that similar situation of reassessing what i really want in life and who i wanted to be. Although being a nanny is just accidental for Annie, it shows that she can be happy with a low profile job. The movie is very heart warming especially in the beginning where she has to win the heart of the child she will take care of. A lot of life 's lesson was also tackled in the movie like parents should spend quality time with their kids, parents trying to fix their marriage for the better, accepting your own fault and making a very big decision that will have a big impact in your life just like what Mrs. X has done as she finally left her husband (who's obviously polygamous) and spend a lot of time with her kid.

For Nanny Diaries, I'll give it an 8!!!

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