Life without limbs...

Life id really a roller coaster ride.. we often complain about our own sufferings and problems..

"God why me?" or "I pity myself.." or "why are they luckier than i am" or "why am i miserable" or "I am hurt and i'm so down".. Imagine, some of us always complain with simple problems we thought it's the end of the world. Honestly, I myself got that attitude. I know it's bad, i should be thankful with what i have..

At the time when i thought i am the "unluckiest" person on earth and felt that I am so down on my knees with troubles, i chanced upon a blog where i read a post about Mr. Nick Vujicic, the man without limbs. i looked for his video on youtube and it really gave me mixed emotions.

The initial reaction was pity but i realized i should not because he's a role model of a contented man. I begun to admire this man, for he simply inspire me on how he faced life despite his condition. I admire his courage to live a good life and inspire everyone that Life is beautiful no matter what burden is on your shoulder. He taught me to value what i have and be contented with it. I am so thankful to God for all the blessing and i asked for forgiveness during the times i always question him about my problems. I regret asking HIM "why me?". Whatever burdens or problems i have now, i still feel I am lucky and thanks to Mr. Nick Vujicic for enlightening me. He's really an inspiration.

I like to share to you guys the video i saw from youtube that, in a way, changed my perspective in life:

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