The Coffee Prince

The Coffee Prince is the latest koreanovela airing at GMA 7. It replaced another good koreanovela, Huang Ji Ni. When i heard about this new series to be aired, i wonder what the story was all about. The title Coffee Prince gave me an idea that its associated with coffee business specifically a cafe'. The cast is pretty interesting. Hat's off to the lead character Yoon Eun Hye. Her features suits the character she portrayed. You can mistakenly see her as a guy because of her looks in the series. Gong Yoo was also good in his role. He's very good looking and he delivers his emotions very well. The rest of the cast are very impressive too. they have their own way of capturing the viewers hearts. I was really touched by the story special during the times that Hyan Kyul (Gong Yoo's character) was in deep pain because of his love to Koh Eun Chan (Yoon Eun Hye's Character). As if i want to pour my tears and hope to wash away the pain they are experiencing. What they had was unconditional love specially on the part that Hyan Kyul love Eun Chan even though he sees her as a man. All in all the series was great except that the climax of the story was delivered early that made the ending so predictable and with less emotions. I even expected the series to end on their wedding but sad to say, it didn't.. MAybe because they are planning a sequel. unfortunately, Gong Yoo will not be around to do it since he enlisted in the army and would be gone for a minimum of one year.. :-(

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einah said...

gustong-gusto ko ung story nya.. though tama ka, mejo minadali ung ending.. but still all throughout naman, daming kakilig-kilig na scenes.. hehe..