Post Valentine Discovery... c".)

Even when we're still boyfriend and girlfriend, my husband and I never went out on a date during Valentine's Day. Usually it's before or after Feb. 14 to avoid the Valentine's Rush.. Most of the time, it's a hassle to look for a restaurant to eat since most of them have prior reservations..

Just this afternoon, we went to SM to celebrate Heart's Day by watching The Spiderwick Chronicle. On our way to the movie theater, I saw this huge board with a big header that says "EXPRESS YOUR LOVE".. and right below the header was a huge heart containing mini hearts with love notes. It seems there was an activity/promo on Valentine's Day itself wherein people can post their messages to their loved one on that huge board.. Some messages were so mushy hehe some are hopelessly romantic.. some were so 'nakakilig' while some were just simple messages that will touch any body's heart..

Here's the Message Board I am talking about:

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