No Reservations

No Reservations was the last movie i saw.. actually i watched it on DVD last night.. well, i can say it's a good movie.. not to shallow, not too deep. No heart twisting scenes but the movie was able to show some important aspects of life. First i notice was Catherine Zeta Jones character. An executive chef who always strive for perfection. She wants no room for mistakes. She's an example of an outstanding leader in her kitchen but the downside of her character was being intimidating to all the people working around her.. thanks to his leading man who made her realize that life is beautiful.. Another good lesson that we can learn from the movie is the art of letting go and being able to recover from it. Losing a loved one was one terrible experience especially for a little child (portrayed by Abigail Breslin) yet it proves that she can recover and continue life with the help of people around her who truly loves her and make her feel accepted.. if i were to rate the movie from a scale of one to ten.. my rating would be: from 7 to 8!

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