Nice Song.. Kahit Na by Lil_dhyme!

Youtube has been a part of my daily routine since i got addicted to blogging.. :-) Video hopping is a great hobby; Imagine, you can find a lot of videos you missed or even a lot of videos worth your time.. Just a while a go as I was browsing the videos. I chanced upon a video.. a sad video paying tribute to a young boy on his teen age years whom they say was killed during a gang war. :-( It's was so disappointing but its the truth, losing a life because of what they say is brotherhood.. hay aren't there any brotherhood without violence.. hmmm maybe there are few.. Back to my post, I saw his name as Lil_dhyme or Eric in real life. He's so young.. as I saw his tribute i asked myself, Is he really dead?

After the first video i saw another one, the only difference was that he was still alive (if it's really true that he's dead) when he did the video. He's got a very wonderful voice.. Nice song, it matched his voice very well.. here's the video.. To Lil_dhyme, if you're really with the Lord right now, may you rest in peace..

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