Cafe World Tips, Tricks and Cheat Engine 5.5

Note: Personally I'm not in favor of using cheat in any kind of game or sports. remember cheaters never win

After the successful hit of Restaurant City another Facebook game is now catching the heart of million Facebook maniac. Cafe World a Facebook game application from Zyga, like Restaurant City and Farmtown where you setup and design your own restaurant but here you select and cook the dishes you like to serve to customer and wait for times or days depending on the menu you select the higher the times the higher the quantity of the dish.

Here are my personal tips and tricks based on my experienced playing this game

1. Choose food that have long cooking time, the advantages of choosing food with long cooking time is it has a great amount of quantity to serve and higher cost per serving and the experience you get is much higher than the other food

2. Trap your waiter. I don't know if this is a bug or whatever but if you trap your waiter is will automatically served the food to the table without leaving their position and this will cut the serving time.

3. Visit your neighbors regularly, by visiting your neighbors regularly it will give you coins and experience instantly although its a hassle to do but you gain fair enough.

4. Improve your Buzz Rating, always watch out your buzz rating the higher the buzz rating the more the visitors just remember that buzz rating freeze when you go offline and if you ran out of food you can always remove the door of your restaurant to prevent the customer for coming in.

5 Always send free gifts to your fellow Cafe World friend, better to give than to receive especially if the gift is just free.

6 Don't cheat, But like many other Facebook games Cafe World can he cheat by using Cheat Engine 5.5 by using cheat engine 5.5 you can have unlimited stove and counter. You can check this post if you really like to try

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