American Idol: Top 24 for 2008!

To be honest, I am not really an avid fan of American Idol.. However, since i heard about Jasmin Trias and Camille Velasco's inclusion on the Top Finalists, it caught my attention and i started following the succeeding episodes.. I do enjoy watching it specially the Auditions. William Hung captivated a lot of American Idol Fans all over the world. This year, we saw a potential personality to follow Hung's footsteps in the name of Renaldo Lapuz. What's interesting about him is that he's filipino!

They say that this year's batch is the best ever.. but still, we cannot say it's true until the Finals Night..

Here are the American Idol 2008 Top 24...

Comments :

einah said...

halu ja!!

i hope ramielle malubay can make it to the top 12..