The Spiderwick Chronicle

As our post Valentine's Date, me and my husband watched "The Spiderwick Chronicle".. Over all I think the movie is good but not as good as I have expected. The story's great, although creepy at some scenes. Letting your 7 year old and below children would not be a good idea since there are numerous scenes that i was terrified, quite violent in a sense but it's done in moderation.. The actors are great same as the concept.. What made me love this movie was its ability to give me "goosebumps" :-) I cannot explain how i really felt or how i really reacted to the scene, all i know is i had goosebumps all over. It was when Mr. Spiderwick was reunited with his daughter Lucinda..

For me, The Spiderwick Chronicle is worth watching. It was done in good taste, all in moderation, nothing in fancy.. I will give it a SEVEN!

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