Zac Efron on The Ellen DeGeneres

Here is the video clip interview of hollywood actor Zac Efron talk about his trip in the Philippines on The Ellen DeGeneres

I wonder if Ellen will also visit the Philippines, Ellen you're very much welcome here :)

Game of Thrones Season 3

One of the most hit tv series nowadays the tv version of epic journey A Song of Ice and Fire by G.R.R Martin.

The first and second season was a huge success for HBO and now I hope they will do the same thing again for the third season of one of the most beloved tv series of all time. Mark your calendar next year so you wont miss, this upcoming season there gonna be blood everywhere.

Flipboard for Android

Flipboard is one of the most beloved iOS app specially for iPad device but you can now use Flipboard on your Samsung Galaxy SIII exclusively. But some random geek extract the apk file on his Samsung Galaxy SIII using Airdroid.

Just download the apk file on this site transfer it on your android device and run. not all android are guarantee to run this app since it's not yet the official version so use it at your own risk

Ewan McGregor's Cold Chain Mission

Cold Chain Mission is a documentary starring Ewan McGregor a UNICEF ambassador and his journey  delivering vaccine on some of the most remote places in the world. The vaccine is so precious and need to be kept inside a container with a temperature between 2 to 8 degrees centigrade that is why the term is Cold Chain Mission.

The vaccine can help save million of children across the globe but the question is how the vaccine can reach those who need it most. 

The part one will follow Ewan McGregor in India to Nepal using boat, motorbike, plane and all the transportation means to reach his destination.

a heartbreaking moment of Ewan McGregor crying about the situation of childrens in India


Jessica Sanchez is SAVED!

In a very unexpected event Jessica Sanchez one of the judges favorite on today season of American Idol is voted out  on top 7 but in a dramatic scene the judges prevented Jessica Sanchez from going home by using their one save option this season.

The three judges have a full confidence of saving Jessica from leaving the American Idol and reminding the viewers to vote wisely and vote only for the best. I think this is only the first time that the three judges stand-up and walk into the stages to announce their decision.