I Love Go Go Gourmet...

Computer games are so addicting, it consumes a lot of our time without us noticing it. I myself plays pc games for atleast 3 hours a day depending on how hooked i am to the game i am playing. One of my favorite games is Go Go Gourmet..

Search, sauté, and serve your way to gastronomic greatness! Go-Go Gourmet puts you in the heat of the kitchen with hidden object and time management gameplay, all rolled into one! Find ingredients, whip-up recipes, and juggle hungry customers as you quickly and efficiently toggle between orders to prepare more than one request at a time! With 7 uniquely themed restaurants and more than 25 unlockable upgrades, Go-Go Gourmet will leave you hungry for more! (reflexive.com)

What i love in this game is it develops my mental alertness and reflexes.. The game's so addicting..

Here are some screen shots:

You can download this game (trial and full version) @ reflexive.com

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