What happened to Sandara Park???

Sandara Park took the Philippines by storm.. during her Star Circle Quest days, she became the hottest artist for quite a while.. her chinita features and being funny won the heart of Pinoys.. endorsements were overflowing, you can see her everywhere.. tv shows, movies, record bars.. name it and Sandara Park is in it.. So what happened next? All of a sudden Sandara was out of the picture.. At the peak of her career, she decided to go back to Korea so pursue her studies.. Some says that the real reason was a tempting offer in S.Korea, some says she thought she will be famous in her hometown.. After several months, she went back to the Philippines but her career were never revived. The fame suddenly slowed down.. So she decided to go back to Korea..

What happened to Sandara Park now?

Well, good news.. While surfing the net I found out that she was signed as the new artist of Y.G. Entertainment in South Korea and her first break is the Music Video with Gummy and TOP entitled "I'm Sorry"..

Good luck Sandy! Aja!

Here's the music video:

Some of her pictures:

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