American Idol: Goodbye Amanda Overmyer!

Believe it or not, yesterday's American Idol Episode was the very first American Idol show that I watched from start to finish.. hmmm kinda weird but it's true.. I remember that the only part of the American Idol i saw was the moment when Jasmin Trias performed her final song.. only that part.. promise.. :-( and now I realized i missed a lot..

I just followed American Idol on the internet and newspapers..

Though, this season of the American Idol caught my attention specifically when Ramiele Malubay qualified to Hollywood edition then straight to the Top 24.. All of the finalists are great.. So it's really a matter of who won the heart of the audience.. Text and online votes still dictate the tempo..

Then came the Top 12.. Wow Ramiele was still in the competition! The competition becomes tighter and tougher.. Everybody must give their best shot in every performance they will do..

First to say goodbye from the Top 12 was David Hernandez, the controversial finalist who was allegedly a gay stripper (not confirmed???)...

And now this week, it's good bye to Amanda Overmyer.. the Rock Chick waved goodbye as she got low votes from the followers of American Idol.. By the rate things are going, Ramiele has a good chance in qualifying to the Top 3 because the Filipino Community in the US is all out on their support and vowed to vote for her just like what they did to Jasmine Trias..

Good Luck Ramiele Malubay!

Here's a video of David Hernandez' farewell performance:

Here's a video of Amanda Overmyer's farewell performance:

Wonder who will be next???

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