"KEN LEE"... Music Idol (Bulgarian)!

Hmmm do you still remember this very memorable video?

Remember Alyssa Alano? A lot of people criticized her song version but definitely it left a positive effect on her specially on her career.. She's now s part of a regular weekend showbiz entertainment show. That video or her version of Kiss Me by Sixpence None The Richer captured a lot of Filipino hearts. Some may think it's stupid, some think it's funny.. We really don't know if its a career strategy but definitely it worked for her..

It's been a while since that issue came out, i almost forgot about it.. It just popped out of my mind when i saw an audition video of a woman in Bulgarian Idol at youtube. This time its entirely different. It's really wacky. I know it's not a career move. She really thought that the title of Mariah Carey's song was "Ken Lee" when in fact it's "Without You".. She was asked if she meant she will sing "Without You" but she insisted "Ken Lee".. I really laughed so hard upon watching the video the very first time.. until now after watching it several times, i can't help but laugh.. See for yourself..

Reactions?!? Reactions!?! :-)

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