Most memorable Pinoy TV Commercials

I just like to share memorable commercials that made a mark in our hearts.. Hmmm time flies so fast.. Hope you enjoyed this trip to memory lane.. (sort of hehe)..

Do you remember this line " Carlo sat beside me today, he's so cute.. sabi nila I'm pretty, kaya lang I'm fat, I eat to much kasi eh.." I really love that Purefoods commercial. The chubby girl is Chantal Umali (I wonder what happened to her after her short showbiz career?) and Carlo.. Patrick Garcia! Here's the video:

Another famous TV ad is from PLDT.. It paved way for Christian Vasquez' showbiz career.. since that commercial, he became a household name and received many projects both on tv and movies... Here's the Video:

Coca Cola came up with a lot of good tv ads and one of it was a big hit. It became a trend specially with the teens. Do you remember this line "Ito ang beat sabay sabay, ito ang beat bawal sablay..." with matching hand action.. It's really a hit and for those who didn't see it, here's the video:

Who would ever forget this line... " San ka ba nanggaling gina?" "Lo, Karen po!"... while wrapping the other half of his McDo burger "Eto ang sa paborito kong apo, si Karen!" hmmm haaayyy how touching.. It's one of the best for me. It also serves as weng's stepping stone in entering showbizness.. Here's the video:

Another celebrity who was discovered from doing TV ads is Nikki Gil.. I can still remember this sweet young lady singing a nice song while distributing bottles of Coca Cola on the streets.. She's now a singer, host and MYX VJ.. You've gone a long way! Congrats!

I've been looking for Isabel Oli's MAX's TV ad on youtube but unfortunately i haven't found one.. it also served as her ticket to showbiz..

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7 comments to “Most memorable Pinoy TV Commercials”
rino said...

Hi Jaja, galing naman nitong idea mo to posts these commercials. More than the products they represent are the values they portray. I don't always like Mcdo's commercials pero the one feature here, I really like.

Anonymous said...

chantal umali's now teaching communication arts at dlsu. ;)

Janice said...

Anonymous => thanks for the info.. btw, is she specializing in photography? i saw a blog about photography kasi.. i wonder if sya tlga un or maybe just a namesake.. :-)

Janice said...

Rino => glad you liked my post.. i agree with you, the Mcdo commercial i featured was the only one i love among all their ads.. :-) ung iba kasi d q gus2 concept.. I'm looking din sana for the Max's tv ad of Isabel Oli kaso I can't find one..

Lizeth said...

ohhh this is cool! i remember these commercials :) nakakatuwa!! :)

hoshi said...

yeah alam ko lahat ito at tama ka memorable talaga.

favorite ko yung sa coke na "beat sabay-sabay"

yan ang mga commercial na pinag-iisipan talaga. mabuhay!

muhammadrazzaq said...

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