Oprah's BIG GIVE

I have been an Oprah fan for more than a decade. I am really impressed on how she was able to touch our lives with her courage, guts, kindness and generosity in her program and her foundation. Dreams do come true for some of lucky Oprah's followers and she continues to touch our lives through her new reality show BIG GIVE.. Here's an intro I got from Oprah's Website:

What would you do if you were handed a bundle of cash—and told you have to give it all away? Challengers on Oprah's Big Give, a new series by Harpo Productions that will air on ABC this spring, have to face that very difficult question.

People from across the country are challenged to help total strangers so that they can feel the high of giving. Over eight weeks, we follow their every move, and in the end, the biggest giver wins!

Andre and his wife, tennis star Steffi Graf, appear as auctioneers for a charity event as part of Oprah's Big Give. "I really enjoyed people reaching out into the community and involving them," Andre says. "We all have a hundred chances a day to make a difference in somebody's lives, but if we actually proactively seek that, you can do some amazing things!"

Here's a preview I got from youtube:

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