Janina San Miguel: Deserving or Not???

We all know that in joining beauty pageants, a candidate must possess beauty and brains. One who's confident enough to face all the pressure brought about by tough competition. A candidate must exhibit grace under pressure.. Just look at Ms. Miriam Quiambao, she's not the most beautiful candidate during her stint at Miss Universe but definitely her composure and the way she recover from an embarrassing moment made her mark and capture everybody's attention including the board of judges ..

Binibining Pilipinas is the most prestigious beauty pageant here in the Philippines. Everybody were excited about the pageant this 2008. Expecting a better batch.. At the start of the pageant it seems everything's meeting the viewers expectations but then came the Question and Answer.. I will never forget it in the next few years. I never felt so embarrassed for another person as i am with Ms. JANINA SAN MIGUEL.. Her Q&A booboo was tremendous.. it's now spreading on youtube.. After the incident, nobody was expecting that she would win one of the major titles.. But lo and behold.. once the announcement of winner came, she was crowned Bb. Pilipinas World. There's no question about her beauty and height.. but her composure and communication skills? i really doubt it.. Now the question is.. Is she really deserving of the title? Will she make our country proud in the international arena or will she put our country in a not so impressive situation.. Well, let us give her a chance, she still has a 7-month training (I guess), and here's hoping that it will really be of great help..

Here's the video that she will never forget in her entire life.. But i know it will help her improve and strive harder..

Comments :

-Wendy- said...

I just watched the video and I wanted to bury myself in embarrassment for her!! She's kinda overconfident too. Thanks for sharing =)