Pinoy Dream Academy Second Set of Probationary Scholars

The 2nd PDA Gala night was a success and i really enjoyed all the performances of the Scholars including the Farewell performance of Chivas Malunda..

Just this evening, the 2nd set of Probationary scholars was announced and they are: Bea, Jet, Cris and Sheng..

The first scholar on proby that was saved by the mentor was Bea. The mentors was really impressed with the improvement they saw n Bea's performance..

Another twist was revealed, instead of the classic "vote to save", now it's totally different. The scholars were asked to vote for the scholar that they think deserves to be on probation.. Tsk tsk tsk what a hard task! Most of them voted for Jet simply because they thought he needs to be with his new born son.. not an acceptable reason.. whew! All in all, Jet got 10 voted for Jet and 2 voted for Sheng.. Cris was saved by the scholar's votes.

Sheng and Jet

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