Pinoy Dream Academy 2nd Gala Night!

I've been addicted to PDA Season II since its Dream Night for a lot of reasons.. One, I'm impressed with the selection of This season's Scholars, i already have my early favorites but i know it's too early to tell. I missed the show so much.. Another reason is the new set of mentors, i do love the idea of making Maestro Ryan Cayabyab the Headmaster, i also love Teacher Kitchie, the straight forward Direk Joey and what i like the most was Teacher Monet staying with the scholars 24/7 for him to mediate when trouble arises and for him to guide and teach all the scholars regarding their performances..

Last night i was so amazed to see Mr. Gerard Salonga as one of the guest juror. I admire his knowledge in music and he's very respectable in this field. No doubt about his credibility and high standards. Miss Isay Alvarez is also amazing.. Still, I'm quite disappointed with Billy Crawford but atleast he's improving.. Thanks to PDA for allowing Chivas Malunda to perform his Final Song as a scholar.. Just like a pill by Pink.. His performance was amazing! Too bad he's out of the competition..

Chivas: Just like a pill

The Scholars showed excellent performances.. Even the probationary scholars made vast improvements.

The Top Three scholars:

Bugoy - Can't Take my Eyes of you
Liezel - Count on Me
Laarni - As If we never Said Goodbye

and the STAR SCHOLAR this week.. for the 2nd time is LIEZEL GARCIA!

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