Keeping in touch with old friends !?

Why with a question mark.. hmmm coz some may question my claim haha! It's been a while since i had the chance to communicate with Ate Maita Locsin and Ate Malou David.. They're two of the most important persons in my life same with their husbands Noli "The Tank" Locsin and Bal "The Flash" David who were really my idols ever since they became part of the Ginebra team. Sadly it's been almost a decade since the last time i saw them..but now thanks to friendster i got to communicate with them again! The communication lines were open again.. I'm glad despite the years we weren't able to see each other, they still remember me.. Hope to see them again in the future.. I'm so happy that even though i'm only one of the millions of fans in the Philippines, I can feel that we share a good friendship that will never fade in time!

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