Glee - Telephone Charice and Lea (Sunshine and Rachel)

It's everywhere in television the news the internet every blog it also hit the twitter by becoming one the hot trending and yeah I'm talking about the first appearance of Charice a.k.a. Sunshine Corazon on the latest episode of Glee Season 2.

One of the highlight of the show is the face-off between Charice Pempengco and Lea Michele and what is the best way to start the face-off? of course is by singing and yes thats the whole show works. Good choice of song Telephone by Beyonce and Lady Gaga. I heard it's already reach no. 2 in most downloadable song in iTunes although I'm not sure coz I don't use iTunes lol.

Anyway lucky you I found a video clip of Charice and Lea version of Telephone from youtube.

Hahaha that was funny kudos to the creator of the clip :D.. Anyway here's the real video

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