Free "Bebe Ko" ringtone download

After the huge success of You Changed My Life of Sarah Gerenimo and John Llyod Cruz the "Bebe Ko" ringtones is one of the most noticeable in the movie, there are two version of "Bebe ko" ringtones one is the voice of John Llyod Cruz and the voice of Sarah Gerenimo.

You can download the mobile ringtone by texting the following code this is available to all Smart, Globe and Sun subscriber, text TRU BEBE1 to 2366 (voice of John Lloyd Cruz) and text TRU BEBE2 to 2366 (voice of Sarah Geronimo).

But since this is internet :D you can get it here for free click John Llyod Cruz Bebe ko ringtone and Sarah Geronimo Bebe ko ringtone

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cyber-cliff said...

paki upload naman ulit ohh.. na delete na kasi..gusto ko lang ma try..thanks!