Francis M Eat Bulaga Tribute Song

There are really lot of Francis M tribute video now in youtube but after I saw the performance of Andrew, Gloc 9 and some rapper who i don't know the name in Eat Bulaga this afternoon that Lando song really make me cry specially when Gloc9 start to rap and while Gloc9 singing he really cry and you can clearly see the sadness on his face because of what happen to Francis Magalona.

Anyway here is the video I'm talking about.. thanks for the uploader

Comments :

dennisbalacanao said...

RIP Sir KIKO, I am a Kaliedoscope Fan..

I am really Sorry for I'm GUILTY not LOVING FILIPINAS and FILIPINOs that much, you're the only Artist I know who strongly believes that we should be PROUD of our RACE and must always READY to DEFEND our COUNTRY from these blood sucking Politicians..

Admit it GUYs and GALs, you are GUILTY too.. like the most of us..

You will LiVE forever in our Hearts Master Rapper..

ThreeStars&aSun.... PEACE