Ted William the Homeless man with a Golden Voice

He's all over the news, blog and many forum a single video has already changed the life of a homeless man from Columbus, Ohio who got a voice which only God can give. His name is Ted William a former radio announcer like everybody that face a hard time on one part of his life but now he's given a second chance of his life. Good thing drugs and alcohol doesn't destroy his phenomenal voice.

Now Ted is 53 and he believe it's not too late for him to fix his life and become a normal citizen and with the help of one video that second chance is now on his hands.

Here's a video of Ted William interview on CBS.

For me it's very heart touching interview a story of a one man who struggle by his mistakes but despite of what happen he managed to rebound to his life and never to forget thanking God. I really like Ted William when he speak about his 92 year old mother in New York and how excited Ted to see his mother and showing his success. Visit Ted William Facebook Page

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Anonymous said...

many people spend a lot of time feeling sorry for themselves but ted has taken a big step to get better for himself and affect the people around him positively with his story and his life. goodluck ted.