Fliptop Battle: Anygma vs DirtBag Dan Video

2010 is the year of underground pinoy rap and yes I'm talking about the pinoy rap battle commonly known as Fliptop. This kind of rap battle instantly capture most of the pinoy rap fanatics and make it's way to youtube as it's primary medium and as of now the Fliptop youtube page got a total of 68 million views and counting.

And as their gift for their follower the fliptop finally post the much awaited battle of Anygma the host of fliptop and DirtBag Dan.

Just after 2 days the video of Anygma and DirtBag Dan already reach 26k views and still counting. Battling a international rap artist like DirtBag Dan with our local rap artist like Anygma is a very positive move not just we are exposing our local rap artist to international rap battle scene but also showing what kind of style the filipino rap artist had. Good luck to fliptop and I'm hoping that they continue supporting exposing our local rap artist not only here in the Philippines but also abroad. 

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