Restaurant City Tips and Tricks

After my previous post about Cafe World tips and tricks the other Facebook game that I am addicted is Restaurant City and before Cafe World Restaurant City is the king.

Restaurant City is a game of patience, but of course like many other game you can also cheat on Restaurant City but I'm not gonna discuss any cheat tactics here instead I will share my personal tips and tricks I use in playing Restaurant City after reaching level 30+

1. Don't waste your precious coins. Before buying decorative items prioritize functional items like stove, tables, chair, toilet and arcade and the right ingredients. Also I won't advise buying expensive stove.

2. Plan carefully for the table arrangements. Place the tables near the stove so that waiter will have shorter time delivering the food from chef's stove to customer's tables.

3. Choose carefully of the recipes. What I did to my recipes is I pick one menu at a time and make it way to the level 10. Always remember the higher the food level the higher gourmet points you will receive.

4. Balance workers. Before the maximum workers you can hire is 8 but now the maximum workers you can hire is 9 workers making my restaurant of having 4 chef's, 4 waiters and 1 janitors. Before my setup is 4 chef's 3 waiters and 1 janitor.

5. Always visit your friends restaurant for new ingredients to trade and add many restaurant neighborhood as you can for free ingredients.

6. Always plant a seed in your garden. A sure way of having a good ingredients is by planting seed on your garden and make sure you always water your plant for quick harvest.

7. One way to get the ingredients you want is by using Restaurant City Market Place it is easy to use and a sure way to get the perfect ingredients.

So that's all thats some of the basic tricks I use for playing Restaurant City. Do you have any advice? fell free to share it.

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