The alleged Manny Pacquiao and Krista Ranillo Video

It's all over the internet, it's all over the blogosphere. The video of Manny Pacquiao with unknown girl according to speculation the mysterious women is  Krista Ranillo. Krista Ranillo is the daughter of Matt Ranillo III a very talented actor here in the Philippines. Anyway Krista is also the leading lady of Manny Pacquiao in his funny movie Wapakman.

The video was taken last November 3, 2009 after Manny Pacquiao guessed to Jimmy Kimmel! Live! where he sing a song number from Dan Hill. And according to celebritynationVids this is what happen after the show.

According to the user who upload the video Manny Pacquiao didn't bother to sign an autograph for 70 fans because he was with he women who isn't his wife.

The video and the description is malicious. But who ever that women I'm convinced it's not Jinkee Pacquiao and I'm not 100% it's Krista Ranillo

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