What's with Magnun Ice Cream Stick

Summer is here and what is the first thing you think when you heard the word summer? most of us is Ice Cream and now there is Ice Cream stick that making a fuss. Yes it's the Magnum Ice Cream stick available at Supermarket and  7-11 store nationwide around 50-60pesos in three different flavor almond, classic and choco truffle (try almond first). 

THE GOOD: The taste is superb one of the best ice cream I've ever tasted and it's also available at any 7-11 nationwide just hope it's available :P

THE BAD: it's too pricey the taste is great but still its too pricey a medium size ice cream stick. A single magnum ice cream is equivalent of 12 ice buko lols where you can share for the rest of the group. It's a kind of ice cream you can't enjoy everyday because of the price.

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