Justin Bieber hit by Water Bottle Video

I know many of us hate or don't like Justin Bieber himself but what happen to him recently is not right, throwing a water bottle to a person on stage is too much.

I'm not a Justin Bieber fan, I dont like him same as I dont hate him but the poor guy doesn't deserve this kind of treatment to anyone. If you don't like Justin Bieber then dont listen to his music ignore him act like he doesn't exist simple as that no need to throw a water bottle just to show your hate.

No matter how many times Justin Bieber hit with a water bottle Justin still on his peek of career a simple water bottle can change that.

But honestly I also laughed hard LOL

Comments :

Anonymous said...

He kept his fans waiting for hours before he arrived to the concert. He never returned to finish the concert after getting hit. Then he kept more fans waiting for hours after they paid over $1,000.00 to attend an after party. He deserved getting hit with a water bottle.