The Twilight Saga: Eclipse Online Movie Poster

It's just around the corner and Twilight fan will again celebrate when the third installment of this franchise hit the big screen this month.

the twlight saga eclipse movie poster

Not a fan of Twilight here but I admit Twilight Saga is an Epic Movie

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This film seems the most widely discussed, honestly, I don't reall entirely the Stephenie Meyer's book and I am the big fans for "Twilight Saga", specially for new moon, but I watch Eclipse, and I really liked this movie. a love story with vampires. The New moon was nothing like that, it was something between really bad drama, bad action movie, etc. I cerebration that the Twilight movies get outstrip as they go on. I wasn't thrilled with the low, New Moon was uppercase, and this pic has topped the others. I rattling plan that the movement will locomote with Breaking Dawn.