Pinoy Big Brother Double Up Final Big 5

After Mariel eviction the Big 5 of Pinoy Big Brother Double Up are finally complete. It turn out to be original House A housemate that complete the Big 5, Melisa the only girl of Big 5 automatically earn a slot to the Big 5 after winning the endurance task against Paul Jake and Tibo joined by the member of C4 Boys compose of Johan, Jason, TIbo and Paul Jake.

pinoy big brother double up, johan, tibo, jason, paul jake, melisa

pinoy big brother double up logo

And also congratulation to Johan for winning the House and Lot against Jason in The White Room challenge. The result of the voting will continue to next week.

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Elliot James said...

What happened to Annina Ucatis in the Big Brother House? Do you have details? Elliot James