Annina Ucatis in Pinoy Big Brother Double Up

Another foreign housemate will enter the Pinoy Big Brother Double Edition but this time its no ordinary housemate will enter the house. The said ex-housemate is from German Big Brother and it's none other than Annina Ucatis. So who is Annina Ucatis?

A former real-estate agent born in Bremerhaven Germany , Annina Ucatis is also television personality and uhmm a porn star.. a PORN STAR!! yup Annina Ucatis is German Porn Star and also adult model. One thing we have to know about Annina is she's carrying a large breast with whooping 42" with G cup in measurement. Annina achieve this kind of breast after 3 silicon implant, her third breast surgery was done in Spain because she was denied for her third surgery in Germany. In January 2009 Annina Ucatis joined Big Brother German Edition and left the Big Brother last April and now she is on her way here in the Philippines to visit the Pinoy Big Brother house.

What will be the effect of Annina's present in Kuya's house always watch Pinoy Big Brother Double Up Edition every 9pm in ABS-CBN channel 2

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