Before, I think that the Philippines Comedy Film are dead but Ms. Eugene Domingo proved me wrong after watching KimmyDora: Ang Kambal sa Kiyeme. Ms. Eugene Domingo really pull the string and give the audience a good comedy movie something that the most of the filipino really missed to see.

Kimmydora Eugene Domingo
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The Producer

This is the first movie of Ms Eugene Domingo on leading role and it's quite amazing how she managed to perfomed in 2 role, Kimmy and Dora. Btw KimmyDora is the first for the Spring Film. Composed of Piolo Pascual, Director Joyce Bernal, Shayne Sarte an acclaimed cinematographer and Erickson Raymundo a talent manager the Spring Film was born and give Ms. Eugene Domingo the biggest break of his career.
Extra Service

It's quite funny how many extra big star you will see in this movie. As far as I remembered Ms. Regine Velasquez, Marvin Agustin, Vhong Navarro, Paolo Ballesteros

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