Third Set of Probationary Scholars

It has been a very pressured week for the scholars inside the academy. For the first time, they will perform a duet on the gala night. Two announcements were made. First, the scholars will chose their own partner wherein it became a sort of controversial when Iñaki was rejected twice by Van and Apple and has to settle with Laarni (which in the end turns into a favor for him when the judges truly loved their performance). Next is that they will be graded as one, meaning they will get the same grade so any small mistake would be very crucial. The pressure was doubled since that fate of the scholars will defend on their tandem.

The 4th Gala Night started and all the pairs performed. Based on the juror's comments, three pairs impressed them and they were: Christian and Bunny, Iñaki and Laarni plus Bugoy and Liezel..

After the Taiwanese superstars performed on stage, the bottom group was revealed: Miguel & Bea and Hansen and Cris. Cris was saved by the mentors while Hansen were saved by the scholars..

So the third set of probationary students are:

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